I am interested in how we are, how we aren’t, and how we can be present with the people and the world around us. I engage the present primarily with observational, yet gestural drawings. Back in the studio i further this investigation of engagement by ruminating on the continuum between the present (Image) and memory (Afterimage). As tools in this exploration i often use static materials and multifaceted modes of representation.


various other thoughts

I am interested in how vision varies in clarity and form.
I am interested in how memory of even a single event is frequently multifaceted, yet unified thru your recollection.
I am committed to 2-D static forms for how they can still move us in a multi-motion, smartphone addicted world.
 Drawings & Paintings have the ability to be immersive without isolating. It’s all right there waiting to be seen, discussed and considered. Unlike film and other motion based forms, no darkened rooms, nothing missed because you looked away, listened to the question your friend had for you, or simply the bad luck to walk in at the middle. The pace is set by the work, but the experience is dictated by the viewers.
And finally on visual representation in English capitalization rules, why am
I more important than you? Shouldn’t you and i be equals? What other language so elevates the first person singular?